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I'm the Founder and Creative Director of George & Elaine in New York City. This site acts as a collection of interests and ongoing experiments in web technologies. If you would like to work together, please visit George & Elaine.

For the past year or so I have been working on a series of terrain visualizations of the coordinates where the greatest number of civilians were killed in US drone strikes.

This piece is Ladha, where roughly 37 civilians where killed by 5 drone bombs on an August afternoon in 2009.

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The universe is brimming with vexing, invisible dark matter — something we can’t identify, interact with or observe. However, solutions for the issue of its genesis are constantly being proposed. Most ideas focus on dark matter’s form or how it is birthed from gravity. A third new concept by Erik Verlinde reconsiders gravity entirely. Perhaps gravity is not a fundamental force, but an effect of some other fundamental interactions? This could explain dark matter.

Today, it’s important to remember that while devastation to our person, our home, our country, or our citizenship deserve every bit of acknowledgement, we are a species of thinkers, doers and problem solvers. We can, and will, find that gleam of imagination that allows us to interpret the existing conditions as new circumstances for progress.

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With the winter, my morning slog to preparedness has a new stage: turning myself into a layered clothes-lasagna. As Sinclair Lewis put it, “Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” I’ve got a new part time job.

The lack of snow thus far, and the approaching Winter Storm Jonas, has me thinking doubly of our pallbearer’s lockstep to climate change and of tropic climates. Today the warmer thoughts are winning out — like the work by Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad, Matteo Golden pictured.

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“I re-invented my image so many times that I’m in denial that I was originally an overweight Korean woman.”


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Captivating new photos of our on-again-off-again planet neighbor, Pluto, combining blue, red, and infrared images into a serpentine composite.

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Short dance film “Fred Astaire with a stomach full of Corn Chips and Valium” by Phillip R Lopez. The director’s comments about the camera’s movement being entirely integral to a piece of this sort are exactly the reason this one’s worth a watch.

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Delight in simplicity. A short — only 70 frames short — little animation by Eran Hilleli. He calls it “just a place i hung out in last night.” Indeed.

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“Ornamented objects appear truly unaesthetic if they have been executed in the best material, with the highest degree of meticulous detail, and if they have required a long production time… The Modern man who holds ornamentation sacred as the sign of artistic achievement of past epochs will immediately recognize the tortured, laboriously extracted and pathological nature of modern ornament.”

The ornament of a savage tribe, being the result of a natural instinct, is necessarily always true to its purpose; whilst in much of the ornament of civilized nations… the ornament is oftentimes misapplied, and instead of first seeking the most convenient form and adding beauty, all beauty is destroyed by superadding ornament to ill contrived form. If we would return to a more healthy condition, we must even be as little children or as savages; we must get rid of the acquired and artificial, and return to and develop natural instincts.”

Excerpted from Ornament and Crime, 1908, but Viennese architect Adolf Loos, as written by Marian Bantjes in her book I Wonder.

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