setIsChord (
isChord Int

Whether a spawn should be fired as a chord or individual notes.

If 1: is chord, the notes in attached objects will be evaluated at the same time, but activated dependent on multiples of the colorMin progressing upwards from note 0.

setCurrentNoteSet (
noteSet Int

Set which noteBuilder object attached to this instrumentBuilder is used.

setSequentialStart (
sequentialStart Int

-1: No effect

0->X: The note on the parent InstrumentBuilder that, when activated, will cause the spawn to play in sequence.

setLegatoOverlap (
legatoOverlap Int

Sets the amount in 1/128th notes that played notes will overlap following notes for legato-enabled instruments in Ableton Live.

setColorMinMax (
min Int[] max Int[]

Sets the minimum and maximum color intensity that allows an object to activate.

Color intensity is calculated based on the amount of color present in RGB color segment assigned to the object, per frame.

setMidiChannel (
channel Int

Sets which MIDI channel the instrumentBuilder outputs to.
For Spawn:
-1: Channel of Parent.
MIDI Channel 0 exists for experiments but almost never is used.

setMidiEnable (
enable Int

Enable or disable this object.

1: Enabled
0: Disabled

addNote (
notes NoteBuilder

Attach a noteBuilder object to this instrumentBuilder.

addTrigger (
trigger TriggerBuilder

Attach a triggerBuilder object to this instrumentBuilder.

addSpawn (
spawn SpawnBuilder

Attach a spawnBuilder object to this instrumentBuilder.

addMessage (
message MessageBuilder

Attach a messageBuilder object to this instrumentBuilder.