addMessage (
message MessageBuilder

Attach a messageBuilder object to this song.

setColorHandicap (
colorHandicap Int

Higher values cause the color intensity to average higher, causing louder notes more frequently.

setCurrentScale (
currentScale Int[]

Array of note values that compose the default scale used for notes. Defaults to C Major.

Input a CSV in generator.

setVideoName (
videoName String

Sets the name of the video file to play. The video must be located in the sketch ‘data’ folder.

setCamName (
camName String

Sets the name for an attached camera. Use logCameras = 1 to determine the name for a given cam.

setCamSize (
width Int height Int

Sets the dimensions for a live input camera feed.

setMidiBusOutputName (
midiBusOutputName String

Set the name of the bus the song should output midi signals through.

setTimeSignature (
signatureUpper Int signatureLower Int

Sets the time signature for the song. This effects the measure length used by the beatRestrict property of instrumentsBuilder

setSignatureUpperStartOffset (
signatureUpperStartOffset Int

Allows specificity to the song start time after the play button is activated in Live.

setCapture (
capture Int

If set to 1, the document will capture video from an attached live source, otherwise will use video file.

setTransposeValue (
transposeValue Int

An integer value added to all notes played in the song.

setFilterLength (
filterLength Int

Sets the length in minutes that a video filter will take to activate fully.

setFilterResetLength (
filterResetLength Int

Duration in seconds for a video filter to be removed.